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Painting Academy

Are You Ready To Master Acrylics?

Painting with acrylics can be challenging, but once you master the fundamentals — it unlocks new creative heights. I will show you the tools and techniques of painting with acrylics through my step-by-step Painting Academy. With over 25 hours of video content, it has something for any skill level. I hope to connect with you inside the course. Let's unlock your creativity together.


Join The Painting Academy!


Over-the-Shoulder Mentorship

25+ hours of step-by-step instruction, including my unique blending technique. Plus, you'll get access to the our online painting community. 

Techniques and Training for All Skill Levels

Whether you are picking up a brush for the first time or have years of experience, you'll gain new skills and insights in this course.

Lifetime Access To The Academy

A one-time payment gives you full access and you can go back to the videos again and again as you master each lesson and skill.

What You'll Learn

A quick overview of what you can expect to learn in the ColorByFeliks Painting Academy. I will be covering a wide variety of topics including, step-by-step lessons where we create some masterpieces together.

Materials Overview

Materials and the quality of materials you are using can have a big impact on the outcome of your artworks! I go through some details here on which are best for working with acrylics.

Mixing Your Own Paints

This is one of the foundational elements of painting. I have found that knowing how to mix my own paints gives me more freedom to create and also a better sense of control over the outcome of my paintings.



In this section, I'll be teaching you how to paint the first layers and describe key concepts. Layering is very important since it will be the base that you will build from. 

Step-by-Step Lessons

The course includes four complete step-by-step walkthroughs that guide you in creating your own masterpieces:

Trees and Clouds

This lesson has two modules that teach you how paint some of the fundamentals of nature: sky, clouds, trees, and landscapes.

Foggy Forest

This over-the-shoulder training teaches you how to paint your own foggy forest.

White Tiger

These lessons guide you layer by layer through painting a magnificent white tiger. 


This section covers 11 modules as we go step-by-step to paint an amazing waterfall landscape.

Meet Your Teacher

My name is Feliks Kaparchuk. My love for art began in middle school, first with drawing, which quickly transitioned into painting after taking my first art class freshman year of high school. I have been painting with acrylics ever since then, for about 16 years. I am mostly self-taught. Over the years, I have developed my own blending technique using a blending brush to make my backgrounds and colors blend smoothly. In the spring of 2017, I opened up my art Instagram page (@colorbyfeliks) where I have been sharing my work. I enjoy teaching my audience, now over a million people — something which I never would have imagined. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my art journey and help inspire so many people.


Frequently Asked Questions

The ColorbyFeliks Painting Academy is a one-time payment and you will never be charged monthly. There may be other monthly payment offers available on the site, but this is a standalone video course.

You should receive access to the training within minutes of signing up. If you haven't received your login email, please reach out to our support team at [email protected] and they will help you get access ASAP.

It is for anyone interested in acrylic painting. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional this is the ideal place to learn and expand your knowledge.

"Felix has a positive approach to art. His works are colorful and happy. He is willing to share his skills in an an easy to understand approach step-by-step. He teaches the process is as important as the final project. He encourages students to believe in themselves and let's you proceed at your own pace. He doesn't expect you to paint exactly like he does, but he does give you the skills to do so. "

Jennifer Deject
Painting Academy Student

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